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The Psychology of Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires

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The psychology of shortcuts provides the most solid guarantee of your life:
  The precise measurement of the outcome is the precise measurement of your efforts.  

Investing 15 minutes per day for 365 days totals 5000+ minutes. Anything you do with serious focus for 5000 minutes will find you doing it better than 95% of the people around you, and considerably better than you yourself have ever done it.     We can agree on this?   Great.

Using the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, we'd like to see you using tools already at your disposal... using them just a bit more.

Please remember that the winning horse in a race, earning double the amount of the horse that comes in second... does not have to run twice as fast... only a fraction of a second faster. The baseball player who hits .300 is paid triple the salary of a player who only bats .275. Does he hit the ball three times as much? Of course not: he gets a hit only one additional time for every 12 tries at the plate. Do you understand that you do NOT have to produce double and triple to earn double and triple?

One tiny additional effort, multiplied by the thousands of times we repeat a task in our lives, equals a life-changing expansion of results.

Here's our guarantee:

-- You don't pay us, now or ever.

-- give 10-14 minutes per day, we'll make you rich.

Is there any part of that you don't understand?


-- Use any two or more of the most effective shortcuts 10-14 minutes per day.

-- Within days, or at most, weeks, you'll find yourself richer and so much happier.

We receive no financial benefit, nor recognition. These 107,000 pages are all about YOU.

 Our fee? Well, after you double your income, we believe you're now obligated to invest ten percent of your income for the rest of your life on whoever YOU believe is worse off than you. Period. You'll be the only one who knows that you stick with it. You can say 'Thanks' by clicking on the Hunger Site button below to feed hungry people at no cost to you. It DOES feel great to do so.

Believe it or not, (it matters not), your opinion on the subject of extraordinarily powerful shortcuts means little to anyone, or any thing, around you, including your bank account, until such time as you put these incredible shortcuts to use.

Newton's Third Law of Physics states that every action in this universe carries an equal and opposite reaction. One of the 25 most certain truths of life is that
the more you give away, the more you get back. For any further questions about this, we suggest you study the laws of gravity, a/k/a: "What goes up, must come down," and "What goes around must come around." We really don't care if you believe this or not: the laws of physics don't change. Neither do PowerGems, the absolutely fastest, most effective set of guaranteed shortcuts ever produced by mankind, specifically because they are the shortcuts used by masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires. I figure I'm in a position to know:

  1. I interviewed and/or broke bread with 5,200 of them, one at a time.
  2. I've read a book or so per day for more than eleven thousand days.
  3. I took three years off 'from life' to create this largest web site in the world
Can you afford to take off for three years? If not, think about why you have two ears, one mouth... ... two eyes, one mouth. Seems fitting to believe that your ears and eyes were meant to be used twice as much as your mouth, true?

The Thursday afternoon that I closed my mouth and opened my eyes and ears to the wisdom being spoken of, written of, and, most importantly, DEMONSTRATED by those who were doing it better, was the day I doubled my productivity, and income, and didn't bother looking backwards anymore. You are assured, with considerable vigor of discourse, that the same fruits will invariably accrue to you as well, by getting it from the horse's mouth in whatever race you wish to run.

Every single shortcut has been proven and/or observed/written/spoken about, by
many thousands of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires, mostly self-made.

THESE are the shortcuts of Olympic Champions and rags-to-riches billionaires. These are your personal tickets to phenomenal wealth and super-accelerated success in every single human endeavor. Guaranteed!

You don't care for the pragmatic realties of life? Here's one:
every second that we focus on the unchangeable is a second lost from the fixable.    
Focus on what's wrong, or focus on fixing it

Life has unpleasant realities. As with everything, there are only two choices: change it or don't change it. Most of the time, not changing it will specifically cause you more aggravation and pain.   Stop and refocus on a single thought.   Now stick with it: it's that fast.

Repeat it. Silently, out loud, who cares? No human alive wants you to be rich more than you do, with the possible exception of your mother.

Think about it.
Since your thoughts are by definition most often focused on yourself, we at EasyStreet, USA simply feel that those thoughts are better invested in resolution than in complaining. There's no sense reading past this until you give this thought a good minute's contemplation: Fix the blame, or fix the problem. Focus on what's wrong, or focus on fixing it.

Fix the blame, or fix the problem. It's one of the ten huge chasms that separate smart people from brilliant people: What percent of your focus is on finding and implementing the answer... ... and then enjoying the results?

There is no human effort immune to these shortcuts. When you personally sit and break bread with a hundred different millionaires, one at a time, then another hundred, and another, and yet another hundred, and get to interview another 4,700 self-made millionaires, and you ask every single one of them the same few questions over and over, you are definitely going to hear the same valuable, useful, immediately applicable information.

Pay attention: from 1992 to 2000, an average of twelve thousand people became millionaires.... each and every week!!

The founder of EasyStreet, USA placed a hundred dollars into a bank account with a letter for the bank, instructing them not to touch it for two hundred years. That little tiny step called "interest," multiplied and added over a two hundred year period, will produce billions of dollars for food charities. Imagine the long-term effect on world hunger when a hundred, a thousand , even a hundred thousand people make this same effort towards solving world hunger!

Since very little is certain in life outside of our PowerGems, which are synonymous with most of Newton's Laws of Physics, we guarantee that your wealth, health, or any other -- whoops, just about EVERY other -- facet of your life will measurably improve at an accelerated rate.... unless, of course, you have found a way to defy the laws of physics.

Most of you who use one or two PowerGems in this book will merely double your income in the next 100 days. That's a given. This page is addressed specifically to 7 of you out of every 100, who simply have the hunger to reach out for more. Most of you who use two or more PowerGems on a daily basis, for at least fifteen minutes per day, will be, one year from now, far, genuinely far beyond where you are today.

Please, bring us people who have an urgent desire to succeed, to win, to live well, laugh well, and share with those less fortunate. These hungry people are your leaders for tomorrow. These are the people we most cherish in our quest to empower people to empower themselves.

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